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Abrastar, abrasives for all types of surface

At Abrastar we help the world to have the shape that your hands want, the shape you need, the way you imagine.

Specialists in Surface Treatment.

We manufacture and distribute complete surface treatment solutions for their preparation, treatment and finishing.

So you can do what you do best, shape the world around you.

Preparation of surfaces

Everything you need to start conditioning your work.

Surface treatment

To give the desired shape to your project.

Surface finishing

For a perfect job, great finishes, polished and polished

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Accessories, machinery and accessories.

+ than 1800 active clients

Presence in + than 15 countries


+ than 4500 m 2 of warehouse

+ than 500000 m 2 of abrasives in jumbo

+ than 100000 of discs in stock

+ than 20000 active references

+ than 100 kms of boards

+ than 100000 manufactured bands

+ than 25000000 manufactured discs

+ than 1000000 m 2 of abrasive consumed

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